Postnatal Care

An actionable guide for mum to get back on her feet using a holistic approach.

Pregnancy Belt after Delivery

According to ayurveda and research, postpartum belt helps to reduce the pain, support your organs and muscles as they go back into their original forms. Belt can also help with correct posture and blood circulation.

Most important thing you can do in pregnancy to avoid a very common Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is experienced after giving birth. Know what is PPD and why it is important to take precautions for it.

5 Facts About Post Partum Lessons New Mums Should Know

New mums, learn our 5 essential postpartum lessons. From recovering physically and emotionally, to bonding with your baby and much more!

All You Need to Know About Breast Engorgement

Let’s help you deal with the pain of engorgement.