Research says
iMumz makes babies healthier, happier!

Research published in highly prestigious international journals on iMumz pregnancy app reveals its impact on the baby’s health, happiness and intelligence.

Research says 
iMumz makes babies healthier, happier!


Improved birth weight.

A low baby birth-weight is prone to respiratory distress syndrome, bleeding in the brain, problems in intestines and issues with the retina of the eye.

Research showed iMumz users had 20% more birth weight with an average of 3.1 kg compared to 2.5 kg for non-iMumz users.

20% Improved birth weight.


Reduced stress levels with
iMumz meditations.

During pregnancy, stress can increase the chances of having a premature baby or a low-birthweight baby. At 35 weeks of pregnancy, the stress levels on iMumz users were 67% lesser than the non-iMumz users.

67% Reduced stress levels withiMumz meditations.


Improved sleep quality
with iMumz music.

Research suggests that women who don't get enough sleep during pregnancy may have higher risks of developing pregnancy complications including gestational diabetes. Research shows iMumz users have a 44% improvement in sleep quality compared to non-iMumz users.

44% Improved sleep qualitywith iMumz music.


Babies achieve milestones on time or faster.

75% of our users reported that the activities provided on the iMumz App helped stimulate the baby’s movements in the womb. 70% iMumz babies were observed to be more calm, attentive, active and less cranky by caretakers.

Babies achieve milestones on time or faster.

About the Research

The research was conducted on 512 first-time pregnant women by a distinguished gynaecologist and medical researcher team. One group was to-be-mothers without any interventions while the other group spent 20 minutes daily on the iMumz Baby Care Program over 20 weeks. Medical data was gathered at 15 weeks and 35 weeks of pregnancy and post the delivery, from 1 month going up to 6 months.

The mothers answered medical questionnaire on their emotional state during pregnancy, stress and sleep levels, breastfeeding, sense of control, and their observations of the baby.

The research paper has been published in a highly prestigious International Journal, Journal of South Asian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Dr. Narendra Malhotra, Lead researcher and Senior Gynaecologist

Maternal stress can be quite directly linked to preterm deliveries and sub-optimal baby weight. With the holistic interventions offered by the iMumz App, we witnessed more full-term births and optimum birth weights. We also achieved a 67% reduction in the mother’s stress levels and 44% improvement in their sleep quality,

Dr. Narendra Malhotra

Lead researcher and Senior Gynaecologist

How does a 
mother’s lifestyle affect the unborn baby?

Its simple premise is that it’s not just a mother’s physical health that impacts foetal development. It is also her emotional state that has a deep impact on the baby's development.
Studies show that creating a healthier womb environment impacts the growing foetus’ brain architecture, IQ and health. The influences on the baby, while it is still in the womb, both positive and negative have a straightforward and profound impact on the baby, right up to their adulthood.

How does a 
mother’s lifestyle affect the unborn baby?
iMumz App User

“I delivered my baby in May 2021. It was very challenging to handle office work, doing household chores and taking care of my health. I hardly had any time to research what’s best for my baby. After discovering the iMumz app, I started listening to soothing ragas and meditation which I never did in my life. I could feel baby kicks whenever I do these exercises. Yoga helped me to reverse my gestational diabetes. My baby Avyaan is 3 months old now. He is smiling, not cranky and has already started crawling”


iMumz App User, Bangalore

Published Research on holistic pregnancy

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