Baby Care

The A to Z of caring for baby right from daily grooming, skin care, building strength and immunity.

Causes of Premature Birth

What are the parameters that need to stabilise before the baby can go home?

Premature Baby’s Appearance

What preemie-parents need to know so they don’t get alarmed.

Your Preemie’s Stay in NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit)

What are the parameters that need to stabilise before the baby can go home?

Your Baby’s APGAR Scores

Your baby is assigned scores on birth. Find out all about them.

Is Breastfeeding really that important?

The only facts that you need.

Breastfeeding Myths

Know what is true and what is not.

When You Can’t or Shouldn’t Breastfeed

Don’t lose heart, the baby will do fine.

The iMumz Detailed Guide to Breastfeeding

All you need to and should know about it!

Indian Traditions in the First Few Days

Remember the cute traditions that dadi, nani, and maa would tell? What were the reasons behind those? Learn from this amazing read!

7 Ideas for Bonding with Your Preterm Baby

Does all that NICU life permanently affect mum-baby bonding?

Breastfeeding Your Preterm Baby

A few suggestions to get you on the winning path.

Feeding Challenges in Preterm Babies

Yes, it is a little more challenging to feed a preemie. A few challenges are listed below.

When to Start Solids for Preterm Babies

Calculating the corrected age and taking small steps.

Feeding your Preterm Baby on Reaching Home

Expressing milk, using formula and fortifying the milk.

Do Preterm Babies Need Extra Nutrition?

Facts on how to bring preterm babies up to speed in nutrition.

Feeding Your Preterm Baby

All the details about how a preterm baby is nourished.

Kangaroo Care for Preterm Babies

How skin-to-skin contact helps premature babies.

Tips for Managing Allergies in One-Year Olds

A food allergy is an abnormal response of the body to a certain food. It happens when the body's immune system, which normally fights infections, sees the food as an invader. This leads to an allergic reaction.

What do I do if my 8-12 month old has bleeding gums?

When a baby is teething, bleeding gums are usually caused by teeth breaking through the delicate tissue in the gums. Bleeding could also be caused by bacteria that cause inflammation.

What makes my 8-12 month old constipated?

If your baby’s stool (poop) is not soft or easily passed, then they may be constipated. Most of the time, your baby is not really constipated.

Can my 8-12 month old get dehydrated?

Dehydration in children usually is caused by vomiting, diarrhea, or both. It also can happen when children don't want to drink because they have mouth sores or a sore throat.

What do watery eyes in babies indicate?

Epiphora or having watery eyes is a common condition in babies and fortunately, it is harmless. It could be caused because of blocked tear ducts, infections, or allergies.

What is Tear-Duct Blockage in babies?

A tear duct is a small tube that drains tears from the eyes. Tears are made in glands under the eyelids. They wash over the eyes to keep them moist and clean.

All About the Influenza/Flu Vaccine

Influenza/flu is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system (nose, throat, and lungs). This infection spreads by air and direct contact.

Can teething be made less painful for baby?

Teething is when your baby’s teeth start to come through their gum line. Your baby was born with all 20 primary teeth below their gum line. They typically start to come through between 6 and 12 months.

Constipation: When your 2-4 month old struggles to poop

The early newborn days are over! In those days, poop was more frequent. Your baby will naturally poop less as they get to be a few weeks to several months old.

Diaper Rash: Here are all the Details

One of the most common conditions in babyhood is diaper rash. Even if you are extremely careful, it can happen at some time or the other. Thankfully, this isn’t a serious condition, and it’s usually easy to treat.

What is Flat Head Syndrome/Plagiocephaly? What can I do?

Deformational, or positional, plagiocephaly is when a baby develops a flat spot on one side of the head or the whole back of the head. It happens when a baby sleeps in the same position most of the time or because of problems with the neck muscles that result in a head-turning preference.

Your child's good health begins during your pregnancy.

Your 9 months of pregnancy shape your babies abilities. Learn to take care of your physical and mental health, and also your child's well-being right from the time they are in your womb.