Baby's Birth; iMumz, Our story.

September 9, 2020
Mayur Dhurpate

Everybody keeps asking what are two IITians doing in the prenatal space? After leaving IIT in 2017, in high energy and a great job offer, I decided to do something of my own and for the country. India had won a silver & bronze at the Olympics and the performance had declined. Though I'm not a sportsperson, I had a dream to help create stronger sportspersons for the country. But where to start from?

While debating why the Americans/Chinese kept winning, my friends used to close arguments with, its in their DNA. But along with DNA as a blueprint, it's the womb environment which plays a key role in shaping the child’s health. The idea was born that we have to provide the mother with the best womb environment to have intelligent, happy and healthy babies.

With help from Dr Jaideep, my college-time senior Ravi Teja Akondi and my mentor Mr. Rajesh Jagasia, we started with this mission. With no experience in coding, people management, risk taking, we had lots of opportunities to learn (read 'fail') but we kept going.

After 1 year & lots of deliberations & hundreds of babies delivered, iMumz is a paid program with thousands of subscribers throughout the country.

iMumz is in 20+ cities across India, and we're only starting out right now!
For my friends who plan to start something, my suggestion is to start with a mission, start with a mentor and start now.

It all starts from the womb!

Authored by:

Mayur Dhurpate,

CTO and Co Founder, iMumz.