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What is done in Garbha Sanskar?

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September 23, 2022
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Garbh Sanskar is not new to India. Prahlad’s mother listened to the brave stories about Lord Vishnu while he was in her womb. Because of that, the kid became a true devotee of Lord Vishnu despite being born into a Rakshasa family. He supported the ‘good’, renouncing all evil. And that led to the downfall of his demon father’s empire.

Is Garbh Sanskar necessary?

Let's learn how modern science has supported the receptiveness of the unborn child, how Garbh Sanskar practices really work!

  • Annual Review of Clinical Psychology has a growing body of evidence that a pregnant woman’s psychological health influences that of her unborn child.
  • Papers published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, have also established that the mother’s mental state is related to several parameters of the baby’s well being.
  • The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry did a study on 116 women throughout their pregnancies, testing their levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress. Researchers found that the greater the exposure to the mom's cortisol in the womb, the larger was the infants' own cortisol spike in response to a blood draw in the first day of life. 

Which Garbh Sanskar mantra is good during pregnancy?

  • Vedas mention the mantra “Matrudevo Bhava” meaning the mother is her unborn’s WHOLE world.
  • Ram Raksha Stotra is potent in filling the pregnant woman's mind with positive energy. Chant it twice a day.
  • Doctors say that Gayatri Mantra reduces stress and helps pregnant women go for normal delivery.
  • Verses from the Quran and Bible that talk about God's blessings and a good future can be chanted twice daily. Say them aloud while sitting in a quiet place.
  • Chant Raag Asa – Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 396 through the day. Try to do 11 times.
  • All emotions a woman experiences are transmitted to the womb or ‘garbha’. The conscious efforts towards selecting and transmitting positive influences by means of yoga, reading good scriptures, positive thinking, praying, healthy eating and calmness is known as 'Garbha Sanskar'.

Can I make my baby a genius with Garbh Sanskar?

To be precise, you can help baby's brain grow to its full potential if you do Garbh Sanskar practices daily. The baby has the DNA of its parents. But, the unfolding of the DNA depends on the environment baby gets. Positive environment = smarter baby. Negative environment = stressed baby. It has been proven in many studies.

  • As per Charakacharya, the foetal mind is a blank canvas and it readily imbibes stories, songs and music a pregnant woman is exposed. Scientific studies have also proven that the potential for enhancing baby’s creativity and cognition can be activated by creating a good womb environment!  
  • The vision is not to just give birth to any baby (prajanan) but to give birth to a baby with great qualities (suprajanan), says the Garbh Sanskar philosophy based on which iMumz offers a host of activities for all its mumz.
  • Prolonged sleep curtailment leads to a general enhancement of markers for inflammatory activity, like the C-reactive protein, an important clinical biomarker of inflammation. Optimum sleep is the body‘s key mechanism of repair and restore. Nidra-related exercises help the mumz get just that.
  • Following Garbha Sanskara principles leads to formation of high quality Dhatus (tissues) and increases the quantity and quality of Ojus, a vital factor for health and immunity. By following these factors, the Satwa Guna increases which helps one to realize and attain spiritual bliss.
  • The root cause of all the deeds of a person is his temperament or ‘mana’. It coerces him to do either good or bad deeds. If his or her mind is predominant with Satva, it leads to good activity. Garbha Sanskar activities guide the pregnant ladies to calm their ‘mana’.  

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