8 Yoga Postures For Shortness Of Breath During Pregnancy

September 26, 2020

During pregnancy and especially In the last trimester of pregnancy, your growing baby pushes your uterus against your diaphragm. The diaphragm is moved up about few centimeters from its pre-pregnancy position which compresses your lungs.

All this means is that you are unable to breathe-in a specific volume of air. This doesn’t mean you’re getting less oxygen. It's just difficult to get the required amount of oxygen, from the air that you have breathed in.

At the same time that your lung capacity decreases due to the physical constraint of a growing uterus, the respiratory center in the brain is stimulated by the hormone progesterone which is released during pregnancy, to get you to take slower breaths. Although each breath may bring in less air, the air stays in the lungs longer so you extract the oxygen you and your baby need.

Your body also expands your blood volume during pregnancy to make sure your baby is also getting enough oxygen.

Prenatal yoga works like magic during pregnancy. Yoga is a process which enhances your respiratory system, digestive system and rejuvenates blood circulation in the baby and you.

8 Important Yoga Practices for a Healthy Pregnancy

It is important to note that these asanas are to be performed under supervision of professionals.

1. Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose)

2. Marjariasana (The Cat Pose)

3. Poorna Skandh Sanchalana (Full Shoulder Rotation)

4. Kantha and Skandha Sanchalana (Gentle Neck and Shoulder Rolls)

5. Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose)

6. Shishu asana or Bal asana (Child’s Pose)

7. Relax with modified Savasana, yoga nidra in modified savasana position followed by pranayama and meditation.

8. Alternate nostril breathing for 9 breaths

One set of all 8 is can be counted as one round, and performing 3 such rounds of yoga practices can enhance your mood, breathing and infuse your with the much required energy. Baby Bonding exercises with such good mood can fill the atmosphere of the womb with love and happiness. Find more about these here.

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