Your baby in the womb needs YOU

Join the iMumz Premium Plan to shape the IQ, EQ & personality of the baby in your womb @ ₹1799/m
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How does this impact your baby?

Scientists have proven that the 270 days of pregnancy helps shape a person’s IQ, EQ & overall personality.

Happy Mothers
Days of care
Access to the App’s
features, library & webinars.

Daily Live Classes

Daily LIVE classes on Prenatal Yoga, Breathing & Meditation with experts

Personalized Care

A dedicated Care Expert to motivate & understand your ever-changing needs emotionally & physically.

Unlimted Support

Enjoy the resources on the iMumz app to attend weekly curated educational webinars, listen to raagas, stories and much more.

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Happy Mothers

Meet the Experts which are always there to keep you healhty informed and calm.

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iMumz Experts

Meet the Experts which are always there to keep you healhty informed and calm.

Dr. Shweta Hegde
Ayurvedic Doctor (BAMS, MD)
Pankhuree Shukla
Yoga Trainer
Dr. Narendra Malhotra
Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Dr. Lakshmi VS
Care Manager
Dr. Jaideep Malhotra
Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Dr. Anita Chaudhary
OB-GYN, GarbhSanskar Expert
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Get answers to most popularly asked questions.

I have a few more questions to ask about the Premium Plan. How can I do this?

Our Wellness Counsellors are here for you. Book a session to get all your queries answered.

What is the difference between the Standard Plan & Premium Plan?

With the Standard Plan you can access the information on the app. With the Premium Plan, you are supported with a customised plan to suit your lifestyle. You get exclusive access to our educational webinars. And, you have a team of experts and coaches to guide you throughout your pregnancy.

Can the Premium Plan really make my pregnancy stress-free?

Your emotional wellness is a priority for the baby in your womb. Our Dedicated Care Experts understand your situation & provide you with options to reduce anxiety & focus on enjoying your pregnancy.

I have a very busy schedule. How much time do I need to spend in a day to benefit from this Plan?

The Premium Plan is customised to suit your lifestyle. So, an average of 15-20 minutes everyday is enough.

Please tell me more about the eligibility for the Premium Plan?

The Premium Plan benefits the well-being of all pregnant mothers. Your method of conception, age, city etc. do not affect your eligibility. This Plan is inclusive for all pregnant mothers.

Can you help me with my parenting journey after I deliver?

Yes, we do. The Premium Plan helps you throughout your pregnancy until you deliver. To avail our support with your parenting journey as well, please contact our Wellness Counsellors.

I'm currently on another Plan in the app. How can you help me migrate to the Premium Plan?

We’re here to help you upgrade. Email us on Availing the benefits sooner will help your baby in the womb.

Am I eligible for the Premium Plan?

Yes, if you are pregnant then this plan is for you.

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